How Sharon Was

I am a Mum of three....that is who I am first. However, life takes over and slowly woven into my story was poor eating, low self esteem, tiredness, grief, tragedy, tinged with some happy moments left me feeling like I was being blown along the highway of life like a dried up autumn leaf. I put on a lot of weight and couldn't seem to shift it and almost resigned myself to how this was going to end up being for the rest of my life now I had hit 48 years old. 


How Sharon Truly Is

Through being inspired by Kimberly Ross, I have learn't to grasp who I am now and to be happy right now. It has taken some practice but I feel completely different and the way I handle my struggles is also different. This has led to losing weight, feeling lighter, smiling more and understanding who I am and how I do this. I think anyone who comes into contact with Kimberly would be inspired by her story and able to take from her what they need to kickstart the best life for themselves!