About Me



I now from my own experience have learnt to use food as my medicine. The power in my engine, the grit in my determination.

Who I Was


In this picture you can see I am saying goodbye to my daughter. Not because she was leaving us to marry and start a new life, but rather because she only had fifteen days left on this earth and was dying of cancer. I was barely alive myself. Overweight, sluggish and overtaken by grief I managed to get through it all.  Afterwards, a gaping hole opened up inside of me. The void beckoned and I nearly fell in. My daughters and my husband stopped me from falling and disappearing. Now it is my turn to dance and colour around the edge of the blackness with joy.

Who I am Now


I chose to live. It is that simple, but that decision took some time to reach the place I needed to be in.  I have embraced everything that life is, the fear, the simplicity of where I am, the connections with others, the living my best life and that all came about through losing my daughter to cancer. I am lucky, I have a fantastic daughter and a husband that loves me but now I have learn't to love myself and to take life on and celebrate each and every breathe that comes from me.